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Welcome to BirdLife Australia!

As of 1 January 2012, BOCA has merged with Birds Australia to become BirdLife Australia. The new BirdLife Australia website will go live in early February, and until then the current BOCA site will continue to be available.

At BirdLife Australia we are dedicated to achieving outstanding conservation results for our native birds and their habitats. With our specialised knowledge and the commitment of an Australia-wide network of members, volunteers and supporters, we are creating a bright future for Australia’s birds. Look out for our new website from February 2012 at
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Blue-winged Parrot Copyright (Photographer: John Barkla)
The Bird Observer

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The Bird Observer is BOCA’s membership magazine, published quarterly and distributed free to all members of BOCA.

This easy to read full colour magazine puts you in touch with Australia’s wild birds. Read about bird behaviour and bird conservation. Members’ anecdotes entertain you. Touring bird observers reports on exciting places to find birds. The BOCA calendar of events provides you with the largest birdwatching program in Australia.

To subscribe and become a member of BOCA click here.
From the Editorial Committee

A Special Mention to Our Editorial Sponsors:

We’d like to thank The Cello King for supporting us. The Cello King provide clear cellophane bags for protection and storage of your photographs, prints and artwork. These bags are resealable so your items are protected and look fantastic when on display.

Support Rural Australia – Go Birdwatching

In the last twelve months parts of rural Australia have experienced disastrous cyclones, floods, fires and drought, with severe consequences for local and regional economies.

Now is a good time to plan birdwatching trips to rural Australia. Pack your binoculars and head off, helping rural economies and communities to recover
Notes for Contributors

Articles of interest to birders

– up to 300 words (Your Letters) and no more than 1000 words (Features) accepted. The writing style may be anecdotal or formal, but not anthropomorphic. Digital photography preferred, send via email (less than 5 MB per photo sent on separate emails) or high quality photos on a disk, optimally large JPEG or TIFF format and unmanipulated. If unsure contact the Editor. Film or slide photography also considered.

NOTE: Opinions expressed in The Bird Observer are those of individual authors, not necessarily of Bird Observation & Conservation Australia. The Editor may edit some material or refuse publication.

Articles may be submitted through BOCA.
Digital photography preferred, send via email (less than 5 MB per photo sent on separate emails) or high quality photos on a disk, optimally large JPEG or TIFF format and unmanipulated

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Birds fecal matter and feathers can have devastating effects on heating and cooling components and the quality of the air inside of a commercial installation. Worn by suspended particles in the air, they then enter the building and may reduce the quality of indoor air, causing serious health problems. -Bird droppings can clog filters and evaporator coils shoe An extension to the previous point, the suspended particles rejected by bird droppings can also gradually choking the air filters if regular maintenance is not performed.

Regular cleaning and treatment of your air conditioning unit, you can significantly reduce the triggers that can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

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